Evolane's distribution of Tcl/Tk

version 1.0.1 - © 2001-2009 Evolane



Latest eTcl version is 1.0.1. Please choose archive for your platform:

Windows (Vista/XP/2000/Me/98) - x86 (MINGW)
win32 Installer
win32 ZIP archive

Mac OS X - Universal binaries (x86/powerpc)
macosx DMG compressed disk image
macosx ZIP archive

Linux - x86 (uClibc)
linux-x86 Gzipped TAR archive

Linux - x86_64 (uClibc)
linux-x86_64 Gzipped TAR archive

Linux - arm OABI soft-float (uClibc)
linux-arm Gzipped TAR archive

Linux - arm OABI hard-float (uClibc)
linux-arm-fpu Gzipped TAR archive

Linux - arm EABI (uClibc)
linux-arm-eabi Gzipped TAR archive

Linux - mipsel (uClibc)
linux-mipsel Gzipped TAR archive

Linux - powerpc (uClibc)
linux-ppc Gzipped TAR archive

Windows Mobile (2003, 2003SE, 5.0 and 6.0) - ARM/XScale
Standard version:
wince Win32 installer
wince Cabinet file for PocketPC
wince Cabinet file for Smartphone
Compact version:
wince Win32 installer
wince Cabinet file for PocketPC
wince Cabinet file for Smartphone
Full version:
wince Win32 installer
wince Cabinet file for PocketPC
wince Cabinet file for Smartphone
wince ZIP archive (compact, standard and full versions)

Windows Mobile (PocketPC 2000/2002) (NO OFFICIAL SUPPORT)
Standard version:
wce3 Win32 installer
wce3 Cabinet file
Compact version:
wce3 Win32 installer
wce3 Cabinet file
Full version:
wce3 Win32 installer
wce3 Cabinet file
wce3 ZIP archive (compact, standard and full versions)
eConsole eCalc

Previous releases are available from our download area. However, since each distribution comes with a lot of different media (ZIP, tar, installer, ...), and because of the large number of supported platforms, each release takes approximatively 150MB of storage. Due to limited available storage on our server, some previous beta releases will remain available only as ZIP archives.

Desktop distributions (Win32, Linux-x86 and MacOSX) are available only in full featured version. For embedded systems, three versions are available for download:
  • compact version contains Tcl, Tk, support for Zip VFS, WCE (under Windows Mobile), shape (non rectangular windows), UDP, and Latin encodings
  • standard version adds supports for Tile, backports for dict and new clock from Tcl 8.5, Pixane (including JPEG, PNG, and FreeType support), Sqlite3, TreeCtrl and Tkhtml
  • full version is the battery-included version, with all encodings embedded into virtual filesystem, and support for additional popular Tcl (Tls, TclXML) and Tk (TkTable, Scene) extensions. The scene extension, a 3D widget using OpenGL for rendering which is supported on all desktop platforms, is not available on Windows Mobile platform. However, a port, using OpenGL-ES 1.1 is under development, and will be added to the full version when completed.

For Windows Mobile, cabinet files and win32 installer contain the standard version. Overwrite executable with one from the ZIP archive if necessary. For information, compact, standard and full executables for Windows Mobile are respectively 1.8MB, 2.6MB and 4.1MB large. They may also be compressed using UPX (the Ultimate Packer of eXecutables) to produce executables of only 850 kB, 1.25 MB and 2 MB respectively.


Here is a small collection of 3rd parties applications, packaged as architecture independant eTcl kits.


Coccinella is a free and open-source cross-platform chat client with a built-in whiteboard for improved collaboration with other people. Coccinella web site can be found at We provide our own distribution of Coccinella as a eTcl kit, which can be used as is on any platform supported by eTcl runtime. This distribution is an unmodified checkout of Coccinella sources, but binaries modules have removed for full portability across all platforms. This means some extra features (e.g. support for voice) are unavailable. But it remains a very powerful collaborative whiteboard and Instant Messaging client. This is also a demonstration of the powerful new theme engine.

Download download Coccinella 0.96.12-1 kit


Html Viewer 3 (Hv3)

Html Viewer 3 is a Web browser part of Tkhtml3 project. While Hv3 is not yet as sophisticated as some popular web browsers, it is light weight, portable, and supports:
  • Formatting of regular HTML/CSS documents
  • HTML Frameset documents,
  • HTML forms,
  • HTTP cookies,
  • HTTP "Location" and "Refresh" headers.
Hv3 rendering engine has pretty good supports for CSS, and has good enough standards compatibility to pass ACID 2 test. You will need full version of eTcl to run this eTcl kit. While it can be executed on any platform supported by eTcl, note that user interface has not been designed for small screens or devices without pointing devices, so PocketPC or Smartphone users may find current version practically unusable.

Download download Html Viewer 3 (2009-06-04) kit



ETcl is a Tcl/Tk distribution as a single standalone executable, with support for many different architectures (Linux, Microsoft Windows, Windows Mobile 2003 or better, ...). Distribution for each supported platform consists in a standalone single executable, which includes not only a complete Tcl/Tk system, but also several popular extensions (Pixane image handling, Thread, ZIP virtual filesystem, ...).


A documentation skeleton is available online. You may also look at some screenshots.

A list of changes and bug fixes between releases is also available. Note that new releases (actually snapshot releases) will be made available every couple of days, until all submitted bugs get corrected. This applies mainly to less mature Windows Mobile (aka PocketPC) version.

More informations (FAQ, mailing list, documentation,...) and latest revision can be found at


Evolane Tcl Engine (eTcl) is made available under the terms of the Evolane Community License.

This package contains softwares covered by other licenses: And big thanks to D. Richard Hipp for putting its great sqlite piece of code into public domain.


The eTcl distributions are available free of charge for any use permitted in the Evolane Community License, including use it to execute commercial products.

However, given that the ongoing maintenance and improvement of the distributions, especially porting and supporting new architecture like PocketPC or Smartphone devices, requires a significant amount of time and hardware for testing, donations supporting the future development of eTcl are certainly greatly appreciated.

A PayPal account is available for direct donations. Please note that making a donation does not guarantee that you can expect personal support of any kind for the eTcl distributions.